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1. What is your why?

  • Why are you having a wedding reception?  
  • What do you like or dislike about weddings? 
  • What do you want your guest to feel and say about it afterwards? 

This all matters and so you'll need to create a vision work sheet to put it all down on paper.

2. Who will lead it?

  • - Professional Master of Ceremonies?

This person, just like us, does this for a living. They are knowledgable about how to run a wedding reception, they can guide & control a room, engage with guests, get them laughing and involved in games that you enjoy. This person can improvise, make quick adjustments, make up for time and create the layout of the evening that runs smooth and is your own style. If you’ve made the right choice in an Master of Ceremonies (MC), they’ll look like and feel like family, but be polished & professional.

  • - A family member?

This needs to be someone who’s comfortable in not just a small crowd, but 100 - 300 people as well. This person needs to review all the timelines you have created and able to follow along and prompt the guests so they can anticipate what’s to come and excite them to be involved.

  • - The DJ?

This is an individual who knows how to operate a microphone and is able to troubleshoot any technical difficulties. In some companies (like ours) our Master of Ceremonies is also a DJ, so this role is covered. If you have a DJ that’s uncomfortable with being the MC or not experienced, then you must look for other alternatives.

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